Imagine receiving beers that no one else has heard of or tried.  Wines from across the world that are not only spectacular, but come with amazing stories of origin or creation. Cocktails you will create that range from classic to exotic, using both old world and new innovations in spirits.  Where can you get this? Only from Crafted.


Welcome to the world that is the Crafted Case Club.  Our exclusive club gives you a peek inside the world of sommeliers, mixologists and brewers featuring the entire range of beverage alcohol.  


Excited Yet? Here is how it works. Each month (or quarter) you'll pick up your Crafted Case which will contain a curated mix of items for you to use in your own entertaining with friends, family and guests as well as for you to enjoy on your own.  It is a smorgasbord of selection: a signature cocktail, beer from around the world, ready-to-drink cocktails, wines across the spectrum, and of course, all the items you'll need to entertain with the month's items.   A mojito?  Mint and muddler included.   A sparkling cremant wine from the Loire? Sparkling wine preserver cap included.  Oktoberfest season? Beer and stein included.


As experts in wine, beer, and spirits, we want to pass along our knowledge to you so you can pass it along to your friends.  We don't want to keep all the fun to ourselves!  


Here is what you get. Each month (or quarter) you'll pay $99 + tax for the Crafted Case.  Want the Premium Crafted Case? It is $199 and includes additional bottles from the Crafted Case plus an extra special item or two because, well, it's Premium.  We'll email you when your case is ready for pickup at our store, which is usually around the 5th of the month. Then we'll taste you through the case and introduce you to why we curated these items for you and off you go! Minimum membership is 6 months after which you are free to cancel at any time.




Still not sold? Here is what we sent in last month's Crafted Case for June 2022:


Signature Cocktail: Hemingway Daiquiri.  Wait a minute - did I just say Daiquiri? Those sweet things we drank as youngsters? Well, yes, but the daiquiri has a long history and this is not a youngster's daiquiri.  The Hemingway daiquiri name comes from a story about Ernest Hemingway. The story goes that when in Cuba, Ernest walked by a bartender lining up daiquiris and not one to pass up a drink, he grabbed one and drank it, but told the bartender to double the rum and lose the sugar (in the version in my head he spits it out and yells angrily at the bartender). This daiquiri is for grown-ups like us. We give you all the items for our signature Hemingway Daiquiri recipe: 

  • Uruapan Charanda Rum
  • Lizard Maraschino Liquor
  • Fresh squeeze limes
  • Fresh squeezed grapefruit

Did you see added sugar in there? No way. If Hemingway didn't like sugar in it you won't either. Besides, you're sweet enough.


Wines: Two red wines, but one is white. Say what?


Yes, you read it correctly. This month we feature the Sicilian grape Nerello Mascalese, who make both a red wine and a white wine from the same grape.  The difference? The red wine is made traditionally by allowing the skins in contact with the juice in the way all red wines are made. But the white is made like other whites and the skins are removed at the pressing so the red color from the skins doesn't come in contact with the grape juice.  And that, they say, is how it made.  Two 100% organic Nerello Mascalese wines produced by Ayunta Cellars.  Magnifico!


Ready-to-drink: Its Summertime, and that calls for poolside sipping seltzers.  But who wants all the extra preservatives and additives? Welcome to a new line of seltzer smoothies from smooj.  These gluten free, fruit filed beauties are 12 fl oz of goodness and get this: they have carbonated water, fruit juice, puree, cream of coconut (in some), and alcohol.  THAT'S IT.  You had me at yum. See you at the pool.


Where's the beer? Don't worry, beer is featured in next month's case.  Want a hint for a theme? Think Mexico and la playa.  Adios until next month!




Read this all the way and want to buy the case? We still have a few left.